Pageless Web Design-Simplicity is Beauty

Article Written by Stephen Bell – Marketing/Development @coffeescreative

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Isn’t that puppy adorable?? Now that we have your attention, have a read! At Coffeeshop Creative we are not only passionate about designing and developing a unique web presence for our clients, but also sharing our thoughts on the ever changing field of design. We are super excited to share another story in our new series of blogs – Designing a Future. Today’s feature is on the growing movement to seamless single stream page design. Why clutter, when you can simplify! No one likes confusion, so why not make your site as clean and easy to navigate as possible? Look at the puppy’s face above, he wants a simple seamless, page-less website… don’t you?


What is a Seamless One Page Website?




In a nut shell, seamless design is a single website page. One page where you can scroll and find all content. This page may have a menu which navigates to different parts of the page, but it is still one page. No need to land on a different page for each header. Bio? Sure on the home page, Schedule? Why, not its just below the bio. Contact? Surely not on the same page you say? Yep, you are right, its all there! Header-Body-Footer. Here is where simplicity equals productivity. You have retained your viewer without that user navigating away from what he/she just searched for. Think about it, if everything is there on destination, you are saving time for the user to experience the site. Raise your hand if impatience in web searching has led you to navigate away from the “good ‘ol” home page to a different site since you don’t want to needlessly search a bunch of different sub pages? Yep, I thought so, and you are not alone- as 85% of website viewers average 5-8.5 seconds per web page view. Keep it simple and direct!


Why is Seamless Page Design So Hot?



Well, thats an easy one, just look at the above picture. What do we see here? Well the same UX/UI interface appears the same (or at least 93% the same) on a desktop computer, a tablet, an iphone, a laptop… ahhh the list goes on. This is responsive web design, and a whole other topic by itself, but in this case, each of these devices share one thing, the same seamless one page site. Yep, that’s right, you can scroll one screen, one view on each device. No need to hop around within a site, its the same across the board. Menus are transferable and easy to navigate. No sub section pages, additional HTML scripted sub pages. All the information appears on one clean slate. This can be navigated by a simple target menu, or by simply scrolling. Through responsive design, your single scroll page allows the user to experience a truly consistent custom website experience regardless of the medium used to view the site.


Emotional, and Visually Satisfying User Experiences



Crazyness- its tiny cubes of food (processed, raw, and candy, fruit and veggies)

Sorry, back on track here. What does the above image satisfy? If you guessed your visual senses, then you get a gold star. Indeed, simplicity and organization are attractive to the eye. We want to look at this, it feels good!  Website design is no different. Elements should be easily viewed, easily found, and equally designed and laid out. Single page designs are just that. They show you a design element of flow where you want to see whats next, and also remember what you have seen. Think of it as a story book that starts and ends in succession. It provides a start point and end point. That, my friends, creates a happy or satisfied emotional response. Visual organization is key to a websites success. We have come far with the re-development of HTML, CSS and Javascript based sites. Now we have effects, scroll functions, layer imaging, embedding, and menu selectors and styling to give your site a truly custom feel.

So lets see some examples!

Have a look at some of our favorite seamless single page scrolling sites! View them in your desktop browser and phone browser, its definitely worth a look! Remember a single HTML site will also save you time in planning, and your developer/designer time in creating the site. That equals saving YOU money. Its fast, efficient, and incredibly popular in the ever growing and changing world of website design!

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  2. Non alcoholic spirits                         
  3. Fast food glory!                                    



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