The Merseyside – Coffeeshop Creative Catch of the Month

Article Written by Stephen Bell – Marketing/Development @coffeescreative

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The Merseyside – 2413 Dundas Street W. Toronto – Follow them on twitter @merseysideTO

At Coffeeshop Creative, we are not only passionate about web design and all things custom, but also in Toronto’s vibrant java scene. Today we are proud to feature a little glimpse behind Toronto’s newest cafe, The Merseyside. Nestled in Toronto’s west end, The Merseyside is quickly becoming a hotspot for caffeine enthusiasts. We recently caught up with its founder, Todd Jang Delaney to hear his story, sample some of the amazing coffee, and its ever increasingly popular scones!



Todd Jang Delaney- Founder of The Merseyside

Tell us A little About Yourself?

I was born near Liverpool, Merseyside, UK (hence the name).  I moved to Canada when I was 16.  Opera blah blah blah.  Went to chef school in 2006 for a back up plan because I knew I didn’t want to sing forever.  Food is my passion. I’m very proud of the food we make in house here.



The Goods- The Merseyside – Our recommendation? Double shot Latte, and of course a scone!

What Was Your Inspiration Behind The Merseyside?


The inspiration for the name is because of where I grew up. Our logo is a Liver Bird which is a fictional bird but the emblem for both the City of Liverpool and Liverpool Football Club (LFC). When I decided to open a cafe I knew I would be spending a lot of time here (15 hours a day) so I wanted to make it my favourite place to be. I think this has definitely translated to our customers as they always comment on how cozy and welcoming it is. We plan to expand our menu in the new year as we have a full kitchen including fryer and flat top. We hope to get our back patio going in the spring too.



Proudly Brewing Propeller Coffee

What Are Your Impressions Of Toronto’s Growing Coffee/Cafe Scene?


I love the coffee scene in Toronto, I like how everybody has something slightly different to offer whether it be a signature drink or pastry, a kid friendly environment or a wicked outdoor space. I think it’s these differences that make sure there is room for the many cafes. I find it best to compete with yourself and never stop trying to improve. We have developed quite a following for our Apple Ginger Scone which I happily share the recipe for! We already supply another cafe with our breakfast sandwiches and soup which is very promising for our catering business moving forward.



Loving the branding- well done guys!

Most Importantly, How Do You Take Your Coffee?


I drink iced black coffee all year round, I have been drinking more espresso since opening the Merseyside because I have to taste multiple times a day when dialing in.

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