Coffeeshop Creative Catch-of-the-Month!

Article Written by Teiya Kasahara @teiyakasahara – New Apprentice Web Designer for Coffeeshop Creative

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Jimmy’s Coffee is our Coffeeshop Creative Catch-of-the-Month! Here’s why:

  • Coffee/Espresso is smooth and full-bodied!
  • Chill, vibrant & comfortable vibe
  • Good service
  • Free Wifi
  • Laptop friendly (lots of power outlets)
  • Back Patio
  • Good prices
  • Good food (sweets, baked goods, vegan options, fresh juice and greek yogurt daily)
  • Cash/Credit/Debit
  • Open 8am-7pm everyday (except Sundays/Holidays)
Chill ambiance: natural light, back patio, ample seating with power outlets and art.

Jimmy’s Coffee, a Kensington Market favourite since 2013, located at 191 Baldwin St is sandwiched between something under renovation and a combo shop of authentic Middle Eastern and Caribbean delights. In a forever changing market (pun intended) with turn-over as fast as you can say, “I’d like a double americano with no room please,” Jimmy’s Coffee seems to be here for the long-haul, and no doubt it will be, because it’s never empty and is always taking in a steady line of customers at the bar. Even though most seats are occupied from the benches outside its front doors to the farthest seat on the back patio, the friendly staff gets those drinks made quickly and with quality each time. You can spot who’s just been at this java joint with the bright yellow lids covering their to-go cups among the foot-passers in K-market. A great advert on their part! Phil Morrison, serial entrepreneur, now boasts three Jimmy’s Coffee locations in TO (Portland/Adelaide and Gerrard/Laplante).

Library of encyclopedias, reference books, knick-knacks and other curious artifacts.

It’s been nicknamed “my girlfriend’s office” when she finds the need of a change of environment during her workday. They don’t always remember her name, but they’ve memorized her drink order, and they are starting to remember mine, too. If you’re a people-watcher type, this is definitely a place for entertainment, because one minute you will be sitting across the Portuguese avó speaking to (hopefully) someone on her 1998 Nokia mobile phone gesticulating every single word for emphasis. Then five minutes later you’re listening to yet another foreign language trying to decipher which European country this tour group is from. It’s an ideal place for meeting up with friends, gawking at cute babies, and feeling at home among the slough of hipster artist-keyboard-tappers and pencil-sketchers blanketed in an auditory ambiance of light remixed alternative techno day beats (sorry, I’m an opera singer and haven’t learned the lingo of what the cool kids listen to…whoever manages the playlist, just keep it coming).

il bar e il menu.

Jimmy’s is vibrant, to say the least, just like the gold-lettering of its logo: steaming milk screeching at a regular, stimulating conversations coming from all angles, free wifi to stalk your next Tinder crush, and if you need to procrastinate even more you can stare at the walls covered in famous Jim’s, Jimmy’s and James’, check out their extensive library adorned with antiques and encyclopedias, or their featured artist’s work. Right now it’s Ani Castillo follow here here @AniCastillo or her website here

Food, snacks, juice, oh my!

There are so many good things about Jimmy’s Coffee, but probably the best is the vibe here. It’s chill, inviting, no frills and pretension, lots of wood, vintage chairs, refurnished walls and decor, highlighted by the gorgeous natural light from both ends of the cafe. Good amount of seating with power outlets for the chronic laptop user. Also they take cash, AND credit/debit! Jimmy’s in K-town is open at 8am (except Sunday at 9am) everyday so you never need to wait to start your daily caffeination.


  • Best pour-over Chai in the market…. (and I don’t even really like tea…)
  • Wheelchair/stroller friendly (but not the washroom)

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