Meet Michael Uloth- A New Developer to Coffeeshop Creative



Article Written by Stephen Bell – Founder/Lead Design @coffeescreative

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At Coffeeshop Creative, we are not only passionate about web design and all things custom, but also in sharing stories of our clients, and team members. Today we are proud to feature our newest developer, Michael Uloth. Michael combines a talented artistic/operatic background, with a strong development skill set. We are super excited to be presenting sites featuring the talented coding abilities of Mr. Uloth! Without further ado, lets sit down for a cup of coffee and get to know a bit about our newest team coding member .



Don Pasquale
Don Pasquale – Michael Uloth in the title role


Opera singer by night, developer by day- tell us a little about yourself?


I like to keep busy! I started my career as a full-time opera singer, and now split my days between opera, web development, filing tax returns, and teaching English at Humber College. It’s a mixed bag, but I love it! The constant change keeps things interesting, and I enjoy zipping around Toronto and meeting people from so many different walks of life.




What got you interested in front/back end web development?

When I was starting my career as a singer, I needed a website and decided to see if I could code one myself from scratch. I had no idea how to do it, but I’d coded a few simple programs back in high school and had been waiting for a good excuse to jump back into coding again. I more or less disappeared into my laptop for a week, but by Sunday I’d built a one-page website with some sexy scrolling animations and I was hooked. I’ve reinvented my site a number of times since then and always get excited when I come up with a more intuitive layout that’s written with more efficient code.


 Recent design and development of Ego Film Arts

How can music learn from tech, and vice versa? 


They have a lot to learn from each other! One thing I think tech can learn from music is that all user experiences should be enjoyable! A website should always be beautiful to look at and a joy to use, but far too many sites seem to be slapped together without much thought for the user’s experience. Many singer’s websites basically copy and paste giant paragraphs of text onto eight separate pages and call it a day. We can do better! Music always strives to inspire its audience with creative, interesting work, and all tech would benefit from doing the same.

On the other hand, the tech world is fantastic at creating and embracing change. The apps and websites we use (and the languages we use to code them) are constantly updating themselves to better meet the needs of the people using them. In music, the desire to preserve the traditions of the past can sometimes result in music being presented to audiences in exactly same way year after year. The more music can update its presentation to meet the changing needs of modern audiences, the more significant its impact will be.







Hobbies and the like?


What’s a hobby…? Just kidding. Those who know me well won’t be surprised that when I’m not coding, I’m probably listening to half a dozen podcasts while playing a chess game and working on a crossword puzzle. I try to do the New York Times puzzle every day, but life usually has other plans for me! I’m told my fellow humans like to hike or play sports now and then, but I usually opt to keep on tiring out my poor brain.




Most importantly, how do you take your coffee?


I always go for an americano with cream. It’s a completely normal cup of coffee, but the name lets me pretend it’s fancy. Can’t beat it.

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