Coffeeshop Creative Catch-of-the-Month: FIKA Café

Article Written by Teiya Kasahara @teiyakasahara – New Apprentice Web Designer for Coffeeshop Creative

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FIKA sells beans from Pilot, including their Nitro Cold Brew.

FIKA Café is our Coffeeshop Creative Catch-of-the-Month for June! Here’s why:

  • Coffee/Espresso is smooth and full-bodied, featuring PILOT COLD BREW COFFEE!
  • Many non-coffee options or non-traditional coffee options (see photo below for menu)
  • Chill, hipster, relaxed vibe
  • Friendly service
  • Free Wifi
  • Laptop friendly with a working table in the back
  • Gorgeous front & back patios w/ light shade and a HAMMOCK!
  • Delicious food made in house! (breakfast/lunch options, baked goods)
  • Cash/Credit/Debit

    Just behind the bar you can find a place to work, draw, read, make friends…

FIKA has been around a few years now, at 28 Kensington Ave just south of St. Andrew St open everyday from 10-6, welcoming its patrons with a large wood front patio and simple white decor. Don’t be fooled by this minimalist design because you won’t find any hint of Ikea in this hipster-chic café. The word “fika” means to ‘go for coffee’ or ‘coffee break’ in Swedish, and if that’s what you have in mind, this is definitely your place!

Friendly, hipster baristas make your drink to order, perfect every time.

The clear and simple menu offers every coffee drinker a myriad of options, so you can pick and choose depending on your mood or how hot it is outside. I sampled the Pilot Cold Brew today, and they were happy to know I said I’d have it ‘for here’ because they get to witness the customer’s face as the dark, smooth liquid takes over the glass into a reverse foam volcano very much resembling a Guinness. As you may know, I like my coffee black and my iced americanos even blacker, so this was perfect. You can also buy cans to-go!

Pilot Cold Brew Coffee, served and sold at FIKA… Going to be my go-to for the summer.

Whether you have “fika” in mind, or if you’ve skipped breakfast or lunch, come here! They make all of their food in house (maybe minus one type of bread, which is sourced from Blackbird Baking Co. just up the street), and its artisanal care to detail and quality is so appreciated when chowing down. I’ve sampled the breakfast sandwich, and albeit a touch on the small side, you will be filled by the hardy bread, gooey cheese and fluffy egg atop this made-to-order sandwich.

Menu offerings at FIKA Café.

If you want to get some work done, on a lap-top or not, (free Wi-Fi available) they have a great large working table just behind the bar where you can tickle your creativity with chalk boards, books, puzzles and games, or take a snooze in their hammock (YES I SAID HAMMOCK), in their backyard. There’s more seating and tables back there under a canopy of Ontario’s finest deciduous.

Yes, you did see right, there’s a HAMMOCK in the back!


  • check out FIKA on Instagram @fikakensington
  • check out their website here:
  • great place for a first date!

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