Coffeeshop Creative’s New Apprentice Web Designer- Meet Teiya Kasahara

Article Written by Stephen Bell- Marketing-Development @coffeescreative

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Caption Picture – Queen of the Night – Mozart’s The Magic Flute – Vancouver Opera 2013

Say hello to our newest team member at Coffeeshop Creative ! We are thrilled to announce our newest Japanese/Canadian design apprentice, Teiya Kasahara! To give our readers and new clients a bit of background on our new design and marketing specialist, we recently met with Teiya and asked her a couple things about her story and background in music, the arts and design.

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Photo by Janet Kimber

Tell us a little about who you are?

​I’m a professional opera singer, originally from the Vancouver area, but have now made Toronto home for almost 9 years​. I was an Ensemble Studio Artist at the COC from 2007-2010, and have been freelancing in Canada and Europe since. I love creating interesting and provocative work, mixing genres, collaborating with unexpected musicians/performers/creators to push the boundaries of structure, form and expectation. I dabble a bit in photography and writing, and have recently started teaching voice. I am an avid cyclist and play as much competitive soccer as possible when not singing or creating.



TEIYA_KASAHARA_FATA_MORGANA_2015 L’amour des trois oranges- Prokofiev-  Aalto Musiktheater Essen, Germany 2015

What got you interested in website design? 

It was out of necessity, actually. I didn’t know how or who to approach for a website for my work as an opera singer, so I just started to fool around on iWeb and kept creating there for about 10 years. I always loved to draw, so web design gave me an outlet for that. Recently realizing how archaic my methods for digital design have been (I was still using the application Paint up until last month), I’m very excited to be learning and creating with the Adobe Creative Cloud. Pencil and paper are still my go-to to initially flesh out ideas, but it sure is nice to feel free creating through a computer program that will actually do what you want it to do!

Favourite Hobby?

I have too many to name, but my most recent is weightlifting and origami.


What inspires you about the arts and design scene in Toronto?

​I feel TO has a special sense of who it is and where it fits in within the global and Canadian landscapes. Its international flair, diverse cultures and genres are continually playing and intermixing with one another, constantly redefining and fine-tuning its identity while remaining true and authentically “Torontonian”. I love seeing that represented through arts and fashion here, in restaurants and through the architecture of our various neighbourhoods.

 Photo by Janet Kimber

What are you dreams for the future both as a singer and designer?

To create art and to be surrounded by art that continues to be meaningful, accessible, provocative, political, fulfilling, ​and daring, whether that be opera, theatre, mixed-genres, improvisational, performance art, new music, photography, digital design, plays or poetry. I love that graphic design within the digital world is continually evolving in tandem with the way in which we interact with technology. As the scope of the user experience broadens, it allows us to create and push the boundaries of the presentation and engagement of art/music/theatre in multi-faceted ways across a variety of platforms. I hope design and UX continue to evolve to serve one-another, instead of solely competing against each other. I hope that ideas and information will become even more universally accessible so that all and any platforms can become more unified, seamless and efficient. My hope is that one day we will just have to log-in once for anything and everything. Maybe living in a techologically Star Trek era is too far fetched at this point…

Favourite type of coffee?

Americano, with a touch of cold water so I can drink it right away.

What would your Star Wars Jedi Force power be?

Sever Force. And yes, I had to look it up… you might have to, too!

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