Coffee With Aaron Del Monte

Article Written by Stephen Bell – Marketing/Development @coffeescreative

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At Coffeeshop Creative we are not only passionate about designing and developing a unique web presence for our clients, but also sharing their stories. We are super excited to share another story in our series of blogs – ☕️ Coffee With… Today’s feature – the talented actor, home theatre specialist and founder of Think Cinema, Aaron Del Monte.  As we are designing the upcoming launch of Think Cinema’s custom website, we recently caught up with Aaron at one of Toronto’s best coffee spots, Rooster Espresso on Broadview.  So grab your favourite cup of java and get to know a little about this innovative entrepreneur.

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A talented actor and tradesman- tell us a little about yourself?


I have always had a deep connection to art and a feeling that I need to create. As early as I could remember I always had one of two things in my hand, either a pencil or a puzzle piece. In one hand I would draw and create art and in the other I’d solve an elaborate puzzle. It’s a visualization I like to carry with me today because I think it represents the way my mind works, and what you need to be successful – which is the ability to be creative and be a good problem solver.

As my passion for the visual arts grew, I became enamored with film because it combines all art forms and storytelling together to create a masterwork that has no bounds. I wanted to be apart of it. Whether it was in school performing, or at my first job as a projectionist, I wanted to absorb as much as I could and share the experience. As a teenager, I remember hosting movie nights for as many people as I could pack in my first basement home cinema with what equipment I could afford, presenting the newest film extravaganza. 



Aaron Del Monte - Headshot (01)

Aaron Del Monte- Actor & Founder of Think Cinema


What inspired you to start Think Cinema?


The idea of Think Cinema came from a love for film and a passion to share films, and other media arts to an audience in uncompromised quality. As I navigated through my career, working for various organizations as an audio, visual consultant, I found their focus shifted from quality to quantity. Instead of spending the time to educate the customer and put together an entertainment system that delivered exceptional results, they would hand over a compromised solution that could be sold quickly. As a result, the general home audience experiences far less of the artist’s intent, whether it is movies, music, TV shows, video games, or even sports – the experience is drastically altered. After years of big retailers pushing to sell cheap consumer electronics, there has been a loss in the understanding of audio/video reproduction and quality audio/video solutions.

Art is about connection between the artist and their audience. Imagine if you went to hear the London Symphony Orchestra perform Mozart, or the music of John Williams and just before the show started your usher comes up to you and recommends that you wear heavy wool socks over your ears to “enhance the performance.” Sounds ludicrous, right? Well, that’s where we’re at. Think Cinema was created to help you take those ridiculous socks off your ears and connect you to the art – which is what you’re paying good money for.




Custom Home Theatre 


What advice would you give to first time consumers who are looking to create a custom home theatre or entrainment system?


I would recommend taking the time to work with our project managers and product specialists, so we can develop and create the best system for you. One that is geared for performance and tailored to your specific needs. Often times customers call and want a quick fix, but taking the time to educate yourself and create the perfect system pays off big time. At Think Cinema we are not about handing you a product and sending you on your way, and often times a single product is not the whole solution. There can be a lot of moving parts. Of course all that is simplified with our expert team to guide you through the process. 




Audio Installation


Tell us about some upcoming projects you are working on this summer?


Think Cinema is always growing and as much as we’re excited to deliver quality entertainment to the lives of our customers, we also want to make sure the technology tied to these systems works effortlessly. We are excited to be partnering with homebuilders to add value by including smart-home integration right at the beginning stages of the build. Think Cinema is now proud to be servicing all your home technology needs including mobile devices and computers, home network, voice control, smart home products, and whole home automation. 




Modern Home Entertainment System 


And… most importantly, favourite type or style of coffee?


To be honest, I’m not much of a coffee drinker. I find it makes me a bit bonkers! But I do like the occasional mocha.

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