Coffeeshop Creative Catch-o’-the-Month: full of beans

Article Written by Teiya Kasahara @teiyakasahara. Not only are we passionate about custom design, but we are also huge advocates of Toronto’s diverse coffee scene. This week, we feature cafe and roastery, full of beans! 

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If you’ve ever headed out west of the city, west of Ossington, you’ve probably noticed the slow gentrification that’s happening in the neighbourhood of Little Portugal. But it seems the hipsters of Toronto don’t have a such a quick turnover here like they do with yesterday’s music or fashion along the strips of Queen West or Kensington; some of these cafes are here to stay, and one, in particular, has been for over 7 years: full of beans.





A Little Background

To say, owner Lori Nytko knows a thing or two about coffee would be a gross understatement. She’s had around 15 years of experience in the coffee industry and spent months researching the best roaster for her shop, which makes its daily roast at around 9am on her Jabez Burns & Sons sample batch roaster. So for all you caffeine lovers out there, you are guaranteed the freshest cup o’ java every time you visit this cafe.





The Goods

I’ve tried their espresso (Americano) a few times now, and I’m always satisfied. It’s bold, smooth and finishes with a touch of smoke on the palate. But today I went for the “Roaster’s Pick”, one of three brews she always has ready to pour. It was a blend of beans from Guatemala, Honduras, and Sumatra: beautifully bold and full-bodied, a perfect cup for an afternoon of work in her long and breezy shop.






There’s plenty to keep you company here, from books to local art on her exposed brick walls. Coffee, tea, and sweet and savoury treats can be enjoyed on spacious tables, or big comfy lounge chairs, or on the quiet back patio garlanded with climbing morning glory, almost reminiscent of a Brooklyn fire escape lined apartment building.





To enjoy a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle in Toronto’s West End, visit Full of Beans at 1348 Dundas St W. Free wifi, fresh coffee, and freedom from the daily grind.

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