Coffee with Hit & Run Dance Productions

Article Written by Stephen Bell – Marketing/Development @coffeescreative

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At Coffeeshop Creative we are not only passionate about designing and developing a unique web presence for our clients, but also sharing their stories. We are super excited to share another story in our series of blogs – Grabbing Coffee. Today’s feature – the Founders of Hit & Run Dance Productions, Anisa Tejpar and Jennifer Nichols!  As we are designing the upcoming launch of their custom website, we recently caught up with Anisa and Jenn in Toronto’s King Street Cafe and coffee spot at Odin Coffee.





Hit & Run Dance Production Founders- Anisa Tejpar & Jennifer Nichols


Tell us a little about how you started Hit & Run?


Back in 2004, we were young independent dancers waitressing on the side to make ends meet.  Both of us have an entrepreneurial spirit and love coming up with concepts and ideas for shows we could produce. It felt so natural to start producing entertainment for events. Within 4 years, we weren’t working in restaurants anymore.




(In Character) Samurai Dancers

Photo Credit- Darrin Klimek


What gives your team inspiration?


We love all dance. Honestly… from Butoh, to salsa, dance theatre, hip hop to ballet. We love it all, and it keeps us going.  We have always had that in common. It’s what brought us together in the first place.




Classical Ballerinas- Sherway

Hit & Run Dance Productions on Location 


Every presentation you give is unique and fresh, what is your approach to creating custom dance presentations?


It is very important to us that every client gets a unique show. We definitely don’t compromise on the execution or the technique of the choreography. Our performers are experts in their fields and very experienced. They keep us on our toes, and because of their experience and professionalism, we can thrown a lot at them, from wild music, to sets, and visuals and they help us realize all of our kooky ideas.





Photo Credit- Michelle Belsky


Tell us about some of the projects you have upcoming?


We just wrapped a collaboration with Brookfield Place, and artist Brendan Fernandes, where we animated Brookield Place for a week to celebrate Canada 150. It was so amazing to surprise people with art during their lunch hours!  We are also in the middle of wedding season, so we are performing all over Toronto for seated, very well dressed audiences (haha!). Coming up we are so looking forward to Legends of Horror at Casa Loma, where we have 1.5 kilometre haunt through the grounds and tunnels of the castle. It runs for all of October, and we are so proud to scare audiences of thousands, every day, for a month!





Hit & Run Dance Productions Founders Jennifer Nichols & Anisa Tejpar


And most importantly, favourite type or style of coffee?


Jenn and Anisa: “Americano…mmm.”

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