Coffee with Stephanie Tritchew

Article Written by Stephen Bell – Marketing/Development @coffeescreative

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At Coffeeshop Creative we are not only passionate about designing and developing a unique web presence for our clients, but also sharing their stories. We are super excited to share another story in our series of blogs – Grabbing Coffee. Today’s feature is Canadian mezzo-soprano, Stephanie Tritchew!  As we are designing the upcoming launch of her custom website, we recently caught up with Stephanie in Toronto’s West end at Brockton Haunt.

Tell Us A Little About Yourself?


My name is Stephanie Claire Tritchew and I grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario. My parents and most of my immediate family still live there but my sister lives in Toronto where she’s a nurse at SickKids. (She’s clearly the more responsible daughter—sorry, Mum and Dad!) I think I’m fairly free-spirited, which the people nearest and dearest to me call “messy.” To that I say, “I’m not messy, I’m artistic”—it usually gets a laugh from my dad and an eye-roll from literally everyone else. I love my friends and family, nature, animals, thrift stores, craft-time, long walks and I’m a sucker for Netflix. And laughing—laughter is my favourite….I don’t know…feeling?


Elektra Photo 1

Stephanie Tritchew as the Third Maid with Tanya Roberts in Edmonton Opera’s Elektra

What Inspires You With Singing, and all Things ‘Operatic Genre’ Related?


I guess I would have to say the research! I love to learn. So my favourite thing to do is read source material and then do further reading on characters and events in the source material. I’m inspired by life—I could just sit and read about real-life situations for hours. For that reason, I love being part of works that are current or based on real-life events.



Stephanie Tritchew as Lucienne in Die Tote Stadt with Chelsea van Pelt



You Recently Sang the role of Third Maid in Edmonton Opera’s Elektra. How Was Your Experience Working On This Awesome Production?


It was amazing for so many reasons. The company is awesome—so warm and welcoming. For that I was thankful because it was my first professional non-young artist contract which also made the experience so exciting and special. When you add to that an amazing work like Elektra, an incredible artistic and design team with an insane vision (literally—it took place in an abandoned asylum), and a room full of wonderful humans with incredible (and powerful) voices, wow. Also, the cast was female-heavy and each one of us felt so badass. What more could you actually ask for? I was very lucky and grateful to be involved.


Photo Credit: Will Ford




Outside Of All Things Singing, What Are Some Of Your Favourite Hobbies and Activities?


So many things! I love to read, I love to make crafts (DIY, not the popsicle stick and paste kind, though that’s fun too), I love going on long walks with a cup of coffee or tea, I love board games, I love camping, I love video games, movies and TV, I love to cook! Those are just some of my hobbies.


Headshot, Synthia Steiman



And Most Importantly, Favourite Type/Or Style Of Coffee?


Either if I am in a hurry, or if I’m not in a rush, I really love a pour-over—black.

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