Coffeeshop Creative Catch o’ the Month is BACK! This month: ODIN CAFE + BAR

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Welcome to 2017 everyone, lets start the year off with Teiya’s catch o’the month! At Coffeeshop Creative, we are passionate about all things custom tech, design and coffee. In our endeavour to bring you our clients stories, we also love to share some info on our top picks for the ultimate place to get your java fix. Today’s feature- Odin Cafe +Bar!


img_6821Coffeeshop Creative Catch o’ the Month is ODIN CAFE + BAR located at 514 King St East in Corktown. Here’s why:

  • Full-service coffee shop (snacks, lunch, brunch on weekends, bar)
  • Free wifi
  • Awesome atmosphere, visually stunning, open concept
  • Patio in summer
  • Pilot beans, Big Bro espresso blend, coffee paraphernalia for sale


When you walk into a cafe and see one of your favourite beers on tap, you know you’ve found a gem, and Odin Cafe + Bar is just that. It’s a full-service cafe, for all your coffee needs to take you into the late afternoon with ease, meaning you can have that 4th decaf latte at 5 pm with a side of “special”.

img_6820The food is a sampling of what co-owners Patrick Tu and Tom Junek and their team like to eat, so empanadas, sandwiches, wraps, even a beef brisket sandwich piled as high as my face is an option. All other baked goods are made in-house.

img_6825It’s a beautiful open concept, high ceilings, natural textures, colours, inspired by Scandinavia, hence the name Odin. Think of Zeus, but instead, Odin runs the Nordic camp. And if you don’t get to Corktown often, check out their sister cafe Thor Espresso Bar at Bathurst and Niagara.


Bonus: They have cool Odin/Thor t-shirts for sale.

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