Meet Yaw Boakye- Coffeeshop Creative’s Newest Developer

Article Written by Stephen Bell – Founder/Lead Design @coffeescreative

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At Coffeeshop Creative, we are not only passionate about web design and all things custom, but also in sharing stories of our clients, and team members. Today we are proud to feature our newest developer, Yaw Boakye. Yaw combines a fresh artistic skill set, combined with a strong development background. We are super excited to be presenting our next upcoming sites featuring the Toronto based skills of Yaw! Without further ado, lets sit down for a cup of coffee and get to know a bit about our newest coder in residence.



Welcome aboard Yaw! Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a 27-year-old Graphic Designer / Front- End Dev, with a strong passion for design principles and clean code. I’ve lived within the GTA most of my life and have had the pleasure of experiencing Toronto’s rich multicultural environment. When I am not designing, developing or sleeping; I’m continuously finding myself trying new things art related, such as cooking and sewing.




What inspires you with web development?


What inspires me with Web Development is, the ability to create a complex application out of relatively simple lines of code. Crafting small lines of code then, joining them together to create a more sophisticated application. It’s the idea of unity, every line of code plays a role in conveying a story or message to the end user. When used effectively HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript can not only provide information but help enhance the end user’s emotional experience when interacting with your application.




What’s your most recent project?


I am currently working on a design marketing campaign for a grass root (Toronto-based) hip-hop artist, who goes by the name Schooly. The overall scope of this campaign is to create promotional pieces which will help bring awareness to his musical career. The types of design mediums that will be used are flyers, posters, mixtapes and album covers alongside short video trailers, that will then be used on social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram.




Outside of code, give us a couple hobbies?


Outside of coding, I enjoy taking photos, sketching and occasionally playing and watching sports such as basketball and indoor soccer. I’ve also recently begun sewing while learning about clothing production.




And most importantly… how do you like your coffee?


Lastly, my favorite type of coffee would have to be Lattes. There’s just something about steamed milk a hint of vanilla and a little bit of foam that tastes amazing and helps me get throughout the day 🙂

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