5 Mistakes of UI/UX Design and How to Avoid Them!

Article Written by Stephen Bell- Marketing-Development @coffeescreative

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So you want to start designing or developing? Great! Now before we begin lets think about how your site, app, blog will work. “Don’t I just make it look attractive and go from there?” you ask…The answer to this is… well, no. It is true that in today’s fast growing tech industry, a website, app, blog, or framework all starts with an attractive user interface or UI/UX, but it needs work as well as it looks.

From industrial systems to medical equipment and from consumer sites to gaming, there is really no or excuse for a second-rate user interface.  It is very easy to design something you are proud of visually, that is in other ways, completely useless to use. Appearance isn’t everything in development, which goes to say, if your project’s broke, fix it. Without further ado, here’s the top 5 things common mistakes to avoid with UI/UX designing.


Programming isn’t Designing-and Vice Versa!

Programming a GUI (graphic user interface) is not the same as GUI design. Although many programmers also design, it is much easier to employ or partner with an interface specialist. A jack of all trades is never a master of one, it is best to allocate your specific tasks to respective developer or designer. Remember both are vitally important to the UX/UI and must be in communication to ensure a effective product!


Waiting Till Project end To Create the Interface

User experience can make or break a product – why leave this critical aspect of project design until the last minute? Interface design should be among the first project considerations. And test it out! Not just with your peers or co-workers, but friends and associates who maybe aren’t 100% computer savvy. Remember your product will be viewed by many people, with many different tastes, and many different levels of ability!


Budget Allocation

A good UI/UX needs a budget of not only funds for either software, hardware or appware. Testing, research, platform support all factor heavily into this process. Without the proper time and budget to address UI/UX, you will have a lovely frame- with no picture inside.


Make Your UI/UX Appropriate to the User!

Those GUI colours that you think look so great in Photoshop, may in turn, but nothing close to what the client will want.  Suck up your pride, take a deep breath, and realize your artistic masterpiece, may be missing brush strokes.  Always match your UX/UI to the needs, tastes, and goals of the project or client, not what you think is color – cool or revolutionary. A client requesting a website/app on database storage or e-commerce/API  will not want the same UI/UX as a client who wants a website/app promoting their skills as painter/photographer.


And Finally… Is it Tested, Sealed and then Tested Again?

Your project is finished and ready to go! Wait, is it really? Have you checked it and double checked it on platforms and with other users? Don’t rush your work! I know I sound like your Mom and grade 7 homework, but seriously people, the difference between being hired once, and being hired continually is as simple as proofing your work. Nothing looks more unprofessional than rushed, incomplete work! UX/UI Design is your projects calling card, make your client confident in your interface and you will reap the benefits of continued success!


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