Toronto’s Newest Developer – Meet Anton Estlund

Article Written by Stephen Bell- Marketing-Development @coffeescreative

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Toronto meet Anton, Anton meet Toronto! Coffeeshop Creative is thrilled to announce our newest Swedish developer, Anton Estlund! To give our readers and new clients a bit of background on us, we recently met with Anton and asked him a couple things about his web development and background roots from his native Swedish home.

Anton Estlund

CSC 07

Photo Cred: Gene Wu

Toronto, Ontario

Tell us a little about who you are?

My name is Anton, I’m from Sweden, and am a recent graduate from college and an even more recent resident of the lovely city of Toronto! I live on the buzzing east end with my four wonderful half Swedish, half Canadian roommates.

What are is your Favourite hobby?
Oh there are too many! My goal in life seems to become mediocre at as many things as possible before I die. Hence my list of hobbies stretches quite far. Everything from cooking, drumming, baking, hiking, shoe admiring, lifting, guitar playing, clothes collecting, to movies are all things that move up and down on my list of current interests.

What got you interested in Web Design and Development?
This is one of those questions that you should really have a good, clear well formulated answer too. Honestly I don’t really remember one specific event or influence. I was really into drawing and everything creative as a a kid. I have an eye for attractive looking things and design in general. I am still sort of pinching my arm to remind myself that I get to match colors and draw things on a computer screen for a living.

What’s the tech scene like in Sweden? 
Oh it’s good! Sweden was pretty early to hop on board the IT train in the 90s, and today Sweden is one of the top five internet usage capitals of the world per capita and such things. There’s a bunch of apps, programs, and games developed over in Sweden these days. It’s a type of work that goes very well with the cold, darkness and overall melancholy of Sweden. Actually that is a huge part of Swedish culture in general!
Anton Estlund
CSC 13
Photo Cred: Gene Wu
Toronto, Ontario

What is your Favourite thing about Toronto?
This answer might be a bit obvious, but I honestly think my favourite part of Toronto is its Multicultural nature! I live in an Indian neighbourhood, and pass a Chinese community centre, a Mosque, and a Greek Orthodox church just on my way to the gym! This makes for some awesome conversation, as well as spots for great food!

Goals for the future?
To convince Mr. Trudeau and friends, to let me stick around a bit longer when my visa expires next year! And to know all the hotkeys in illustrator. I want to travel across Canada, learn more on PHP, and teach myself basic Olympic weightlifting.

What character(s) would you want to play in The Lord of the Rings? 
That is a tricky one. It would depend on my mood of the day! If I am feeling adventurous- Strider. Viggo who played Aragorn, probably had the most exciting experience since he did all of his own stunts, and almost died on a few occasions during filming (yes, I’ve watched the “behind the scenes” to many times.) If I am in a developing mood, I would say Ian, who played Gandalf. He probably experienced the films as a nice get-away to New Zealand having several stuntmen and digital versions of his character. Asides from those two, it would be Sam! Just the greatest, most loyal friend ever! Now I need to work on switching from each of their costumes…
Välkommen till Toronto Anton!!

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