Which Text Editor Should I Use?

Article Written by Stephen Bell- Marketing-Development @coffeescreative

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Time to start coding a website!  In order to make your coding easily and effectively, you need a text editing program. “A text editor?” you ask. Yes indeed, time to choose the app where you will design your HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery … ahh the list goes on!   However, with so many options out there, which ones should you use?   Today, developers can choose from many editors, which offer more tools than ever before. Text editing apps differ vastly in features and philosophy. Depending on your style, platform, budget, and ease of use, these following editors will become your best friend on the road to web creation! By the end of this article, I guarantee you will have found the right fit for your code!


These 5 editors are the top apps for beginning, intermediate and advanced developers! They excel at making code editing as clean, and easy as possible. These very focused, customizable text editors which feature cross platform support, ease of use, and multiple help forums


Notepad ++

Notepad++  is a great text editor for beginners and intermediate developers. Simple, easy to use interface, and it also features a lizard in its logo! Notepad ++ offers a great starting point for web development. Bonus, it’s a free (as in “free speech” and also as in “free beer”) source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages.  It ensures a higher execution speed, and smaller program size. Sadly for Mac users, this one’s a PC friendly app.


Sublime Text

A very popular editing choice today is Sublime Text. It comes with a stripped down user interface and a special “distraction free mode”. Being available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, it’s the perfect match for people that work on multiple systems. Option-splitting windows for CSS, and color coded scripting tags give sublime text a clean and elegant look. Another plus, it’s also easy on the wallet, and comes in a free format for download!



Chocolat probably offers the most minimalist and beautiful interface in editors to choose from. As Textmate’s successor, it comes with similar features (including support for Textmate’s bundle system). Features like its live error checking as well window splitting, make it an innovative app on its own. Sadly for PC users, this ones Apple friendly.



Developers like to have the ability to have full control of not just of how the code looks, but also how the program making the code appears!  Nothing like tweaking the tools of the trade!  A new generation of editors was made with exactly this in mind: allowing users to configure and customize their layout. Atom is one of these tools. A Github creation, the makers of the popular code hosting service, Atom was made to appeal to the inner hacker in developers. With Atom you can customize, layout, look and design of your editor at work! PC and Mac </> its also free!



Last, but certainly not least, is Adobe’s Brackets With Adobe’s Edgecode as its founding father, it’s also backed by a big player in the digital industry. Just like Atom, it’s mainly targeted at advanced web developers. Its split screen option for CSS and HTML is a bonus. This ones a cross platform App for its users. Also through its license agreement with Github, Brackets comes in at a lovely price of $0.

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