Mobile Websites- Its Responsible to be Responsive!

Article Written by Stephen Bell- Marketing-Development @coffeescreative

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Why do you need a mobile (responsive coded) website? Sure you may have a great static desktop website, it might be compatible with Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari maybe even Internet Explorer (bravo if you do) and it is effective on desktop and laptop computers. So you may ask yourself – why is it important that my site be mobile? Well the answer to that is simple, we are now living in a time where you NEED… no let me re-phrase that,  MUST have a mobile site!  Let’s go over a couple reasons why, and I am sure by the end of this you will be planning some additional script coding, or a visit to your developer soon!

 responsive-website-design-digiclay-2015Mobile- Responsive Web Design

By definition Mobile or Responsive design is … cue Wikipedia!

“an approach to crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)”

Thanks Wikipedia! So basically its a website which views uniquely, or scales to the size of the screen on a:

  • Apple iphone, ipad, iwatch
  • Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet
  • Nexus Smartphone or tablet
  • HTC  Smartphone
  • Sony Xperia Smartphone
  • LG Smartphone
  • Acer/HP/Compaq tablet computer… and so on and so on

I am sure you probably use one of these devices daily, and maybe even more so than a regular desktop or laptop computer. You view websites every day on your mobile device, and the future of web is in the palm of your hand- so must your website be… Yoda impressions aside…


3 Reasons why your website needs to be responsive!

Time needed to load your website

Well this is a simple one, but research shows that 57% of mobile users will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and 30% will abandon a purchase or transaction if the shopping cart isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Why should you wait for a site to load? Websites today should be seamless. Considering how important a website can be for any small business, it seems only natural to take the extra care to ensure the website is mobile friendly. Responsive script is often optimized for fast performance, and so most browsers open your page more effectively and most importantly, more quickly.

Mobile websites receive greater traffic and attention

With one-quarter of global web searches conducted on a mobile device by over a billion users worldwide, mobile websites are the preferred choice of users. Multiple research sources report that smartphone users are engaging with mobile websites and apps while watching TV, commuting to work, and believe it or not while using a computer doing the same thing! As Google made clear recently, the future of search is mobile and websites that aren’t usable on handheld devices will see their search rank in search diminish on search engines. Yikes! You do not want your site to be on page number 231 of a search list on Google.

Better User Experience

This is a big one, a mobile friendly site is more effective to the user and creates a desire to revisit that site again. 87% of users who find a site easy to navigate and visually appealing will return to that site, or subscribe to receive notifications or news updates. That’s huge! Why not make your site a preferred destination so you retain users? Its simple, have your site be mobile friendly.


When we create websites @coffeescreative we always encourage our clients to choose a mobile design friendly option when choosing a website which best fits there need! Think of it as an investment. Mobile and responsive site designs are just responsible!

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